SwissORL Academy

Swiss ORL Academy in brief

The Swiss ORL Academy platform is self-financed by the SSORL itself and also benefits from the support of industry Partners in the form of multi-sponsorship. The presence of the industry is mainly limited to the separate section marked "Our Partners" and throughout the rest of the platform, with content clearly labeled as "sponsored". 

What Swiss ORL Academy offers 

The Swiss ORL Academy is a comprehensive online training program aiming at leveraging modern digital tools to provide an optimal user-friendly training experience. This format ensures the continuity of ENT training and offers an interactive experience for participants.

The platform provides continuous access to exclusive and original content designed by ENT experts in Switzerland. This content, intended for ENT specialists (continuing medical education) and physicians in training (postgraduate training), helps maintain high levels of knowledge and expertise, 24/7.

The program features a variety of content formats, including "relive" recordings of past physical events (annual meetings, summer schools, specialized seminars…) as well as accredited eCourses that provide continuing medical education (CME) credits. According to the Society's CME guidelines, Swiss ENT physicians are allowed to gain up to 10 CME points per year in eLearning, for their compulsory continuing medical education. 

How to access the Swiss ORL Academy

For members of the SSORL*: access the Society's platform (, go the "Members' zone" of the platform and register with your members' credentials. Then click on "Bildung" and the "SwissORL Academy" button in the left menu. Access is free for members of the SSORL.

If you are not a member of the SSORL, please contact us at

Once registered onto the platform, you will be able to access all our video content and/or follow eCourses allowing you to collect training points.

*the eAcademy is exclusively accessible to SSORL members.

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